Month to Month Car Leases

Serving Oceanside, Los Angeles & San Diego

Drive it for 2 months or up to 6 years.

Whatever works for you!

Please email or call our short term lease advisors, Kay Gstrein, and Chris Foster.

locked-in contracts.

The future is now, so don’t settle for the outdated options of regular car ownership. We certainly aren’t. At Classic Chariots, we’re thinking outside the box to provide an alternative to locked-in vehicle leasing and long-term financing that can last several years. Those options don’t work for everyone, and our solution is month to month car leasing.

Get the car you want and need without having to make a long-term commitment. With our month to month car leasing, your car payments fit your ever-changing lifestyle and budget, allowing you to keep the car for a matter of months or several years. Walk away at anytime or swap out for a different vehicle when the time is right.


Limited Warranty
Routine Maintenance
24/7 Roadside Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions On Month to Month Leases

Is this the same as renting a car?

Our month to month leases may feel similar to renting a vehicle, but in reality, this solution is somewhere between short-term car rental and long-term traditional car leasing/financing. These month to month leases offer you shorter-term flexibility similar to renting but without rental costs.

What kind of cars are available?

Month to month leasing is designed to suit your changing lifestyle needs, and part of doing so is offering a range of vehicles for you to choose from, including compact sedans, versatile crossovers and more.

Can I return the car whenever I want?

Vehicles can be returned at any point during your contract with a 5 day notice. Furthermore, there is a No Risk Return policy that lasts for 3 days after signing for your vehicle.

Are there mileage limits?

By default, each vehicle has a standard mileage limit of 10,000 miles. That said, drivers are encouraged to opt for more when taking delivery of their vehicle. The cost for extra miles above that 10,000 base limit that go unused can be refunded when you return the vehicle.

How do I know the vehicle is of good quality?

Each vehicle available for month to month leasing is backed by a complimentary limited warranty, routine maintenance and 24/7 roadside assistance.