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We Will Buy Your Car For Cash

Want Cash for your used car? Want to sell your vehicle?

We have used car buyers standing by to make you an offer to give you cash for your car. We buy cars paid for or not. We have been buying used cars and used trucks since 1989 and we know the market. Plus our offers are backed by the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer Program.

Have an extra car around you are not using?

Give our used car buyers a call, maybe they can take it off your hands. Thinking about trading your vehicle in at another dealership and you're not satisfied with their offer, bring it to us, we pay top dollar. Remember, you do not need to purchase your next vehicle from us, for us to buy your vehicle.

We are always looking for good clean used cars, why hassle selling it yourself?

Your time is worth money, and so is your peace of mind, as well as your safety. We promise to make the experience as fast and hassle free as possible. Please be prepared when you bring your vehicle in to sell it to us.

To Get Cash for your used car the Quickest, please bring in your Title, and Current Registration. If you do not have a title, and there is a loan on your vehicle, please bring in your loan information. If you have no title, and no loan, please try to bring in your current registration, and of course in ALL cases please bring valid forms of ID.

We do our best to get you an offer as soon as possible. We quickly run proper identification and record checks on each vehicle. We always run an Autocheck report to verify the history of the vehicle you are selling and we always have our technicians check your vehicle to make sure if it is the kind of car we want to keep on our used car lot or if it is a car we want to take to a wholesale auction.

It sounds like a long process, but we have been doing this for years, and we have the process down to a science. Please check our reviews. We are one of the highest rated used car dealers if not highest rated used car or any kind of car dealer in San Diego County. Cash For Cars . You are safe with us. We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. This is what we do. We buy cars 6 days a week.

Trade My Car? We Love Trade Ins!

We gladly take trade ins, Paid for or not, and even running or not. It is an extra service we provide to our customers by taking trade ins. What a great feeling to have getting rid of an unwanted vehicle and getting a better one ! We know your time is valuable and we try to keep our process as speedy and painless as possible. Sometimes it is just easier to trade your car in, rather than hassle with trying to sell it on your own. It is no fun having complete strangers show up at your home or office and checking out your car for sale, and having to deal with the smog, and whole DMV process. With Classic Chariots it is a One Stop Process.

Be prepared when you bring your car in for Trade In. Bring your Title, Current Registration and Loan information just in case you have a loan on the vehicle your are Trading in.

We have been doing this for years and years, we know the process, and we appreciate that your time is valuable. Our Trade appraisals are backed by the Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer Program.

We Offer Exceptional Customer Service, Just Check Our Reviews

A lot of our success is from our prior customers who recommend and refer our services to their friends, family, and coworkers.

We Have Been Serving San Diego County Since 1989 and Our Team Has Years and Years of Experience.


Getting cash from your unwanted car is easier than you think. If you want to sell your car because it just takes up to much room in your garage or driveway, or you just need the cash or you are moving or upgrading , Classic Chariots is the best place to get cash for your car or trade your car. We are the right place. We will buy your car for cash, and take it off your hands in a very timely manner.

Don’t worry, we buy all brands and all conditions. More than likely we will make you a cash offer on your car that you have for sale or that you want to trade. We buy any brand, any make, any model, and in any condition. we pay cash for cars, we pay cash for trucks, we pay cash for pickups , we pay cash for SUVs, we pay cash for cargo vans, we pay cash for commercial vehicles. You do not need to spend your own money getting it ready to sell. We do all the smog testing and checks for safety.

Dealing with us means that you are not dealing with Auctions, or Wholesalers, what we call “Middlemen” You get cash for your car directly from Classic Chariots. You end up with a cleaner, and quicker transaction, that is in a Safe environment. No scary people meeting you at your home or work. It is obvious, for getting cash for your car, or trading in your car, Classic Chariots is an excellent choice. Just check our reviews, and take a look what we do for our local communities of Vista, Oceanside, and on Camp Pendleton.

We offer the best options for selling your car or trading in your car. We are fully Insured, Licensed and Bonded. Serving San Diego since 1989. Family owned and operated.