MCAS Miramar Airshow

Classic Chariots at the Miramar Air Show in 2011Every year at MCAS Miramar in Miramar, California, there is an air show to remember the legacy of American aviation as well as the power of the US Military. This is a three-day event that is free to attend, to so needless to say - it draws in quite a crowd! On each day, you'll see aerobatic performances, stunts, and the world famous Blue Angels. The air show is also a chance to see aircraft up close; both modern and historical aircraft are showcased right on the taxiway.

Classic Chariots has been a proud sponsor for this event for three years in a row! We've really enjoyed talking to the active and retired military and even some of the mechanics working there at the air show. Every year we hand out prizes and giveaways, and in 2009 and 2010 we had a vehicle on display. All together, the event was fun, loud and educational.